Oregon Voter Registration Loopholes

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2 months ago

Great points! We must fix our voting system in Oregon.

Anna Munson
Anna Munson
23 days ago

I just joined officially. It looks good, like having the other websites.

April Bennett
April Bennett
16 days ago

Wow This site seems to have lots of research material for a noob like me. I thank my fellow patriot who let me know this was here today (7/13/21) on Telegram. I hope to be able to attend the meeting tonight and glean as much information as possible to assist me in setting up an Elections Integrity Committee for my county. Thank you guys for being here as a resource for me and others like me that are still learning the ins and outs. I have long been of the mind our Elections have not been free or fair in Oregon. 30+ years of voting and only missing 1 election due to illness (before mail in voting) I have lots of reasons to be skeptical.