Petition 302

This is for the November 8, 2022 election!

If we don’t act now, we won’t even be able to vote on this.

(Links to print petition PDFs below)

Petitions are due back to us by September 15th, 2021

For more information on this petition, please see

HB2681 was signed into Oregon law in the 2021 legislative session. Among other things, this bill basically stops huge portions of voter list maintenance. This bill is due to go into effect on Sept 25th, 2021.

If it goes into effect, then no one will be required to keep their voter registration up to date or be required to vote for ‘any period of time’ to stay on the Active voter list. Decades could pass before they vote. Oregon voter rolls will become dirty and bloated.

The current statute required voters to vote at least every 10 years and keep their registration up to date in order to be considered an active voter and get a ballot. This Referendum, which we are signing the petition for, allows Oregon voters to decide if they want to overturn a bill passed by the Oregon Legislature and signed by the Governor.

You may return the signed petitions to the OPV meetings or we’ll arrange to get them from you if you can’t make it. That way, we can verify them before turning them in so we know how many signatures we’ve got. Please download and print from the attachments to this email. Please know that this is the only petition circulating on this issue, so do not sign it twice.

Questions? email Janice Dysinger:

Mail the Petitions in if you can’t get it to us:
Cheryl R. Bowen
16587 NE Hoyt Terrace, Portland, OR 97230


#1. Here is the DOUBLE-SIDED cover letter and petition to print for Referendum 302. (Make sure to see printing instructions on #2 below this and read the Circulator and Signer instructions on this sheet.)

  • Just for clarification, if you print this PDF from home, you have to print just page 1 for however many copies you’re making, then take that stack of copies, turn it over, feed it back through the printer by placing in the top of your paper feed tray, and then print just page 2 of however many copies you’re making. (unless you have one of those magical printers that will do this all for you.) *You must use 20# paper. I found some at Safeway if you’re not near an office store.
  • If you want to take it to Office Depot or other to print, either download and email them this PDF or save to a thumb drive and take it to print. Don’t forget to give them instructions to print double-sided and use 20# paper. 

302 – 10 Line Petition and Cover Letter – Double Sided Print

#2. Here is some info for people who gather signatures and/or give out petition sheets to other people to gather signatures.

Helpful Info for Those Who Print & Distribute Petitions

#3. Here is the text currently in the House Bill. A copy of this must be available for all petition signers to view if they’d like.

HB2681 Text

#4. Here is the single-signer petition for 302. Most people will not need this.

Single-signer Petition for 302 (Note: The signer must sign this twice and send in. This is only for those who cannot sign the regular petition. You would send this link to them or download and send it as an attachment for them to print for themselves, sign twice (once as signer of the petition and once as circulator of their own single-signer petition), and return.